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When I began with Cataract and Eye Consultants of Michigan many months ago, I was frightened. Sight is so dear, and I knew that my eyesight had begun to fail. Perhaps, it couldn’t be saved. The professionals at CECOM gently and steadily worked with me, a dismally scared patient. In a spirit of compassion, friendliness, and — yes — with even a bit of good-natured humor, they reassured me that everything was under control. The age-related macular degeneration was under arrest. With a sense of confidence in the skills and abilities of all the staff who operate all that remarkable technological equipment and the doctors who manage it, I’m pleased with Cataract and Eye Consultants of Michigan. They smile at me, and I smile back at them. I’d recommend them to anyone.

Harvey M. Nuemann

I recently had cataract surgery, Dr. Sultana the ophthalmologist, the staff at the office were helpful, professional and caring. I will recommend the center and Dr. Sultana to family and friends who may need cataract surgery.


The way my vision was deteriorating, it made me feel older than I really am. Now I can read a menu without glasses. My distance vision is better than it has been in years. And my depth perception too. I can play golf without glasses, and I can’t remember when I could do that. I wish I had done this sooner! I would recommend Cataract & Eye Consultants of Michigan to anyone.

Roger L.

Cataract patient

Dr. Felix Barte

Laser Cataract Surgery