LenSx Laser

In our case, the cutting edge has no blade at all

For cataract surgery, the forefront of technology is the FDA-approved LenSx® laser system. Completely bladeless, it’s based on the same femtosecond technology pioneered during bladeless LASIK procedures, and represents the first major advancement in cataract treatment in the last two decades.

The LenSx laser provides your surgeon with image-guided control and gives the ability to customize each procedure to the unique characteristics of each individual eye. The laser’s precision leads to consistently better outcomes and also offers the ability to correct astigmatism. This laser represents the future of cataract surgery, and will improve the reliability and safety of cataract surgery, while providing consistent, precise results.

Many patients comment that they feel nothing at all after undergoing the procedure with the LenSx laser. Additionally, the advanced precision of the laser may improve many patient’s ability to see well without glasses following surgery. This state-of-the-art technology can be utilized right now at Cataract & Eye Consultants of Michigan, the first local practice to offer this technology.